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Hi, this is we, and you are very welcome.
PhotoeverHome / Izabela & Magnus

With us you will find inspiration in Dalsland's beautiful nature and in our library of photo books.
If you are interested in photo, we have a lot in common.

Receiving tourists and being ambassadors for holidaying in Dalsland
we think is great fun and a responsibility we gladly take.

Some important information.

  • With us you can come and just be, or enjoy our beautiful Dalsland.
  • In PhotoeverHome you can cook your own meals or visit the local restaurants.
  • We give you the opportunity to charge your electric car with us, in our 16A power outlet.
  • You can find us on Google Maps, Elbnb.se and uppladdning.nu.
  • You pay cash.

Experience our neighborhood.

  • It's great to walk in nature, there's plenty hiking trails.
  • Prova på fiske med familjen under din semester är Fiskeland a perfect area!
  • Bike on beautiful nature trails or experience the Inspection Trolleys!
  • Many visitors choose to canoeing. It's not just a summer fun!
  • Evenemang,here you can see what is going on in Bengtsfors.
  • Webcam , see what we have for weather right now.
  • Gammelgården, west Sweden's largest outdoor museum.
  • Halmens hus, Sweden's and the Nordic region's only special museum for straw / straw work!

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We are your hosts and live "next door" with you. We speak Swedish, English and Polish.
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and want to come back to us.
We work with our accommodation and make you feel comfortable.
Magnus is in the house at his office in the basement or in the photo studio.
On the second floor there are canvas, wallart, plexi, and pictures in frames on the walls
and a bookshelf full of albums most are wedding albums as customers to Photoever have made.
Our goal with our house is several, and you can come to live alone or with family.
We have a studio where we photograph children and adults, products, etc.
We are also suppliers of photo books for photographers, if you want really good photo books, contact your photographer where you live. (or we can photograph you)
Another goal of our accommodation is also to educate photographers in album design, etc.
Our guests are heading for the adventure in Dalsland or going on.
Those seeking the adventure here usually stay for several nights.
We guide them so they can find what they are looking for, many looking for experiences,
which many times do not cost as much, as canoeing, hiking, fishing, cycling etc.
On our blog you will find tips and pictures of what's in our beautiful Dalsland.
As a supplier of photo books Photoever to photographers with companies
we have special offers contact us about it.
We are part of something called MotoPhoto, which may mean different things, more about it later.

After the day's adventures. Sit on the couch and relax.
In the bookshelves you will find amazing albums from Photoever,
and show you a Tv that you can connect to with HDMI cable if you want,
or Chromecast.

Experience Dalsland

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